Hello there!! This is Miki, the reception of Assort HK 😉

Perhaps most of the customers have known, or it might be your first time to know that, Assort have 1 based and 6 branches around the world.

And we have a helpful, adventure program for our assistant.

“Assistants overseas working program

( I named it though I don’t know what is the official name… )

Recently Hong Kong branch is the only place that held this program with Tokyo Based. This program is that assistants in Tokyo will have a chance to work at overseas as an experience. They will come to Hong Kong to live and work for around 3~6 months. In this period they challenge anything they want / planned, such as model hunting, skills up, adventure to the unknown place, etc..   

In salon, mainly they assist the stylist. Not only being as an assistant but they also have to watch the stylists’ technique and the way how they give services in the closest position. All of the knowledge would be very useful for their future life. Not just assisting and salon works, they also have to do others duties relate to reception. For example phone picking, getting the reservations, mostly is to help customers have a smooth booking, and clarify our services.

In the past 3 years, assort hong kong has raised 12 assistants from assort Tokyo. We remember ALL of them(due we have record haha.) Some of them skills up themselves in assort Tokyo, or move to the other places, after having the program in Hong Kong.

We cannot predict what is their way will be, but NOW we continue to give our best support to the future stars, CHEERS! and cherish for their bright future.

Now the assistants are Yohei(the hair likes poodle ear, SOOO nice), and Nana(whose hair actually inspired from black culture). Please give a small cheers and support for them to challenge anything unknown in Hong Kong. As a return, a comfortable shampoo and massage will be waiting for you. =]

(And don’t forget our humor + spectacular stylists)

Thanks for reading.