Hello again. This is Miki, assort hong kong reception. Today I would like to share a small shop in the star ferry terminal, located in Central.

“Got Beef”

If you are planning to board on the upper deck, then you will see it on your right hand side. But honestly few people will pass there, as the entrance to the ferry is on left hand side. So please go to the upper floor,  turn right, and you will see it. There is 6 counter seats, and plenty space for stand.

I went there with my friend, and we both ordered the beef burger, chicken wings and potato chips. There were freshly made after we ordered, and it’s really easy to get burn if you don’t put at least five to six minutes. Lol. The pricing is not too expensive, large size, and the taste is SOOOO good! I cannot bite the burger in once, what I did was one by one.

If you want to keep your stomach for your home dinner, you could just order a drink and drop into the star ferry. Take it easy, and enjoy. Please tell me anytime if you went to “got beef,” for chatting. =)