Hello everyone!

How did you spend your Christmas this year? Stayed nice and cozy with a warm cup of hot chocolate? Gathered for a big family feast? Or traveled to a country somewhere far far away? Whatever it was, I hope everyone was able to enjoy a nice break!

As for me, I was lucky enough to experience some Hong Kong culture this Christmas! My coworker and I, along with a couple new friends we made, went to a beach and had a BBQ!

It was about an hour away train ride, but it was worth it!

Once you get there you pay for one ticket per person that allows you to have two free drinks and unlimited food!

The staff will start the fire for you and now all theres left to do is pick out what you want to eat! They have a wide variety of meats, veggies, and even toast!

My friend told me people in Hong Kong like to start a BBQ with sausage. Unlike a regular BBQ where there is a grill and once person cooks everything, we all sit around the fire and cook our own food. It’s kind of similar to when you make smores, you stick your meats and veggies on a stick and hold it over the fire until it’s ready to eat!

*fun fact: Instead of smothering all your food in BBQ sauce, people in Hong Kong use honey! When your food is almost fully cooked, take a moment to glaze it with honey then put it back in the fire to enjoy the perfect combination of sweet and savory! (Maybe that’s why they have toast? To make honey toast!)

It was my first time experiencing a BBQ like this and I thought it was a great way to bond with your friends or family members. Especially for the holidays! Everyone sitting around the fire, sharing stories and experiences they’ve had that year.

They also have bags of marshmallows you can purchase just in case you forget to bring some! (like we did) Or some popsicles and icecream for dessert!

Other than the barbequing facilities, there are small private rooms you can rent out or a big karaoke stage where you can request and sing your favorite songs!

It’s a great place for kids to play around and because it’s outdoors there are no restrictions for pets. When we went, kids were all over the place running around and riding their little scooters!

Of course it’s not limited just for the holiday season so be sure to check it out next year if you’re looking for a place to have a summer BBQ!

Hope this year treated you well. Happy new year everyone!!