Chinese New Year is here!!

Also called the spring festival or the lunar new year, falls on February 16th this year.

It is tradition to gather with family and friends, visit relatives, see dragon dances and fireworks, and best of all, receiving red pockets!

The most festive time of year is here for those who celebrate Chinese New Year and there are many places you can see in Hong Kong to experience the Chinese culture.

One of them is the Lunar Year Market aka Flower Market!

Here, you will see many booths selling Hong Kong’s famous street foods.

I had the opportunity to try 糖聰餅 which was a very unique type of dessert! It was a milky, sugary, crunchy bar wrapped in a thin tortilla. I love discovering new things and going to this market was full of surprises!

Usually high school or university students run the booths to try and sell their goods so the place is full of energy. Everyone has got megaphones shouting to get your attention and invite you to see what they’ve got. Many of them have hand made items such as bags, stickers, clothes, hats, stuffed animals, etc.

They also had candy booths for little kids to pick whatever sweets they’d like or traditional snacks that brings a somewhat nostalgic feeling to you.

And of course, what is a flower market without flowers right?? Many traditional plants that represent luck were available for purchase there as well!!

Also, this year is the year of the dog so you will find many decorations resembling a dog. You can find a lot of them inside shopping malls!

Happy New Year everyone!!



Written by assistant


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