Hello everyone!!

This is Terra from Assort Hong Kong.

Last week I visited Shenzhen for the second time and this time was completely different from the last!

I’d like to share with you some of the activities we enjoyed in Dong Mun.

1. Shopping

This area is perfect for buying gifts for friends or just shopping for yourself. There are many young, fashionable,and energetic people I felt like I was in the harajuku! From Yeezy sneakers to Micky Mouse printed pajamas, you can pretty much find anything you need/don’t need. 😅 One thing they all have in common is that the prices are unbelievably cheap! My friend found a soccer jersey usually sold for 700hk dollars sold for only 40!! (Real or fake, that I do not know..)

2. Nail/pedicure spa

This was also very very cheap, but really good quality. You will see many people with signs advertising manicure services trying to lure customers into their salon. Although it may look a little suspicious at first, once they sit you down in a nice are and starts painting your nails you can tell they are very experienced. They do their job quickly and neatly. Very detailed in their work and I was very satisfied with the results!

3. THE STREET FOOD (& fruits)

No one visits Dong Mun without experiencing the street foods there. There are endless streets of traditional dishes which are very interesting even just to look at. Some may take courage to try, but I promise, every single one of them is an experience itself!!

Scallop with rice noodles

Sticky rice in egg

Caramelized strawberries on a stick

Black tofu

And some weird ice-cream float melon drink?

These are just some of he foods we had, but if you’d like you can try some of the more challenging ones like grasshoppers or spiders! 😆

Who knows, you might end up liking them!

Have a nice weekend!