Hi there^^This is SEIKO from assort international hair salon*

It’s Sunday!!

It was a heavy rainfall in the morning!!

I would like to introduce a nice cafe in Causewaybay^^

My friend took me there after work last night.

I don’t drink alcohol too much recently ,

so I just needed a delicious coffee.

We reached here!!

It called

” Nishimura ‘s caffe &bar”


The owner is Japanese and he’s been here for 4 years^^

soooo comfy ~~~~

They serve some plate of dinner , cakes , and drinks !

image image image


I ordered a cake ,coffee and Kahlua Milk^^

image image

They were so nice everything!!

Kahlua liqueur is made by him!


His coffee is the truth.

The best Coffee in hongkong for sure!

That’s awesome***

image image

Finally I found my place of great resort~

You should try the coffee and will never regret it!!

Thank you so much^^




Written by Seiko Sato


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