Masashi Suzuki
Masashi SuzukiStylist
Joined ASSORT TOKYO in 2011 after getting the experience of customers of various genres in Tokyo. Since 2012, he has been a store manager and active in magazines and teaching techniques over Japan. In 2015, he moved to Hong Kong as an opening member of the ASSORT HONG KONG since 2015, because he wanted to challenge himself in a whole new world in his beauty life. With a career of more than 15 years in beauty, he proposes hairstyles that fit each person regardless of lifestyle and genre from a wide range of experiences.He always puts up an antenna and learns the latest technique so that he can provide better services.
Take Takahashi
Take TakahashiSenior Stylist
Worked at a popular hair salons in Harajuku, Shibuya, Shimokitazawa. He gained many support from clients including celebrities. He wanted to take on a new challenge before the forties, open his own hair salon or work overseas. He chose the latter and came to the port. After gaining several years of experience in Hong Kong, he joined ASSORT HONG KONG from January 2019. He has been a stylist for 16 years, specializes soft, modern hairstyle. His biggest hobby is traveling. Hong Kong has good access and easy to travel, so he would like to go out to various countries, of course Japan.
YoshikoSenior Stylist
Lived in Hong Kong for 13years. Joined assort Hong Kong after gaining experience in Hong Kong largest high-class salon. She speaks Cantonese and English well, receives huge support by Hong Kong customers. She is precious on the relationship with each others, so that they can discuss anything in relaxation, then recommend hair care menus according to your hair concerns and scalp troubles. Her hobbies are yoga and bread making. Beyond hobbies, she teaches bread making at a cooking studio once a week.
She would be happy to share her long story of Hong Kong.
Born and grown up in Hong Kong. I’m able to speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin (Leaning Japanese at the moment). My teenage life spent in Australia included two years studied for Hairdressing Salon Management. Experience of assisting movie shooting in Germany as well as magazines shooting , salon work in luxury class salon in Hong Kong. Client’s happiness is my first priority in my career. I can provide you the best way to take care of your hair, also the most relaxed feeling from hair washing and massage. Hairdressing industry is an endless path, so keep learning to broaden horizons is what I will be doing for my life.
A (over) cheerful receptionist of ASSORT HONG KONG. Mix of Hong Kong and Japan. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong, living in high school, college in Japan. She also interprets as a multilingual who speaks Japanese, English, Cantonese, and Mandarine.
He participated at ASSORT HONG KONG because he likes Japanese hairstyles and wants to work at a Japanese salon to learn more about Japanese techniques. He is currently studying Japanese, and the techniques. He would be glad if the customers enjoy our services and finish with a smile.:)
After working as an assistant at a high-class salon in Hong Kong, he joined ASSORT HONG KONG. It’s his first time working in a Japanese salon, so he said he got inspired every day. He can only speak Cantonese, but he will try the best to communicate!!


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