Happy 2018 everyone!!

New year, new goals! Am I right?

Here’s a topic you probably hear everyone around you talk about.


We all know 90% of people make unrealistic resolutions or choose goals that are too extreme that they give up before achieving them. Not going to lie, I have been guilty of making those mistakes too! The most common ones I hear are “Get fit”, “Exercise more”, “Eat clean”, or “Don’t procrastinate”, but as long as we are human beings I think these are very hard to maintain for a whole entire year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s impossible. There are many highly motivated people out there who are able to stick to their resolutions, but the majority of those around me, including myself, usually end up failing after about the first two weeks into the new year. 😅

Which is why this year, I’m going to try something different! Instead of picking one specific goal I decided to choose something with more variety? A resolution that will help me grow as a person, but most importantly have fun!

My new year’s resolution is..


This may sound really easy, but if you think about it there are only 365 days in a year and the majority of those days is taken up by work. It is very easy for your days off to be wasted by sleeping in all day or not doing anything special, but this year by making this my resolution, I’m hoping to live life to the fullest! In 2018, I want to challenge myself more than I have ever challenged myself before and achieve great things!

Now, to kick of the new year, I introduce to you my number 1 out of 100 things to try this year..


Snowboarding is something I always wanted to try, but never had the time or courage. I have skied before and enjoyed it a lot, but for some reason always admired snowboarders more.

I was lucky enough to go with my two coworkers Kohei and Yusuke who knew how to snowboard so they helped me with everything I needed! AND WE HAD A BLAST! Although I fell innuerable times I had so much fun and will definitely be going again next winter!!

So that was my first CHECK of the year and I’m already onto my second one! But that shall be saved for another blog. 😊

What’s YOUR new year’s resolution?