Hello everyone!

This is Terra. I hope everyone was able rest well during the weekend!

It’s important to stay focused on work, but it’s also very important to know when your body needs to rest.

Even if you don’t feel physically exhausted it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself once in awhile.

Which is why my coworker and I decided to have a little spa day on our day off.. IN CHINA.

We woke up early for a 1 hour bus ride to Tin Sui Wai which is on the new territories side of Hong Kong.

There, we met up with a couple friends and headed over to Shenzhen!

Once we arrived, we decided to grab some Yum Cha for lunch!

The price was unbelievably cheap.

I love trying new foods so I gave chicken feet a shot, but to be honest I can’t say it was my favorite. 😅

My favorite was the 港式餐包仔 (A sweet steamed bun with meat inside!)

And some hot yuzu tea.

The spa we went to was called the Queen Spa.

There are many things you can do there to keep yourself occupied.

They have a lounging area where they play one movie after another, pool tables, sleeping area (you can stay here over night without charge), body scrubs, foot massages, full body massages, manicures/pedicures, drink bar that offers free drinks, and even a free all you can eat fruit bar!

I know this place sounds like a dream, but it’s all true!

(I apologize for the lack of pictures of the facilities. I held back from taking too many pictures while everyone was relaxing in their striped, pink pajamas that was mandatory for us to wear. 😆)

After a nice plate of fresh fruit,

we played pool,

got a foot massage while watching a movie,

took a nap,

and got a full body massage!!

We spent a solid 6 hours there.

Afterwards we went back to Hong Kong for dinner in Yeun Long.

I had my first Ji Bao (chicken pot) and it was amazing!!

First: Let the chicken boil until all the goodness seeps into the soup.

Second: Eat the chicken in the soup.

Third: Add all the ingredients you picked out earlier into the soup.

Forth: EAT

And if thats not enough to satisfy you, just walk down the street for the most famous dessert in the area. B Chai Agar Jelly!!

If you plan to get what we ordered, make sure you take a couple friends with you!

I warn you, it is definitely NOT a serving for 1.

See you again in a different country! 😉


Written by assistant


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