Hi there^^ This is SEIKO

from assort hongkong!!

How’s it going??

I’ve been in Hong Kong for 4 month already^^

Time flies,,,,,,,

What’s on my mind right now??

Well, I’m getting used to be here and really enjoying Hong Kong life !

Especially , It’s very very new and really excited things

that I finally found out my own room!!!!

I have to buy a loads of  stuff at IKEA for my new place ,

kind of furniture , bed duvet and fridge ,,,etc,,,,

sooo excited but I go broke~hahaha~

Anyway , I’m just wondering I have to write my blogs with English ,

because We have overseas clients and it will increase more and more in near future.

I would like people living in hongkong to read our blogs!!

That’s why I’m trying to write it down in English ^^

I’m still not good at English thou,,,,,Writing in English is training ^^

Good Writing Can Help You succeed from TIME!!

Good Writing Can Help You Succeed

I ‘ll try to be a good writer and improve my English as well~

If you would like to have your hair cut ,

You can take counsel in English ^^

Hope you will visit us *

Today’s style ^^

Feminine short

image image image

style : feminine

model client:Winnie


I made it shape tight on the neck line

( It’s easy to stand up around neck line especially Asian hair)

little bit make volume on the top

and made a small bunch of hair on the top and around bangs

I used MOROCCANOIL Products


image image

Let’s mix some wax ond oil  on the hand  ^^

They did a good job!!!

Thanks for reading ~


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Written by Seiko Sato


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