Hello there !!


This is KATE from assort hongkong.

Recently I’ve made a lot of local friends and  I’ve been trying to use Cantonese quite often!

Cantonese is more difficult than I thought it was ,,,,

However I’m going to keep trying my best !!



One day , I ‘ve came upon a man who has exceptional ability and originality.

He is an artist , “ SHINICHI TASHIRO ”, we have a mutual friend.

I ‘ve heard about a piece of his art that night and been impressed by it.

Nextday, I went his gallery where is located on Hollywood road immediately .



Got there and took pictures before I entered.

Heard someone calling me was him.

Some of the paintings leaned on the wall.

They captured me instantaneously .

I went up stairs on first floor where is his work space.

” Hey What’s up”

He was sitting beside a window.





There were some painting , unfinished painting and full of  material.


Atmosphere seemed like mysterious and attractive.

I looked  around his world and felt so comfy comfy ~

I’d like to  introduce his wonderful world below↓↓↓



We’ve talked almost 2 hours about our life each other .

He’s nice !!!! so friendly !!!




This is my favorite one, so cool!!!!


His painting story has started since he was a child ,

and It was showed his individuality by the experiences

he moved to New York City about 10 years ago.

An outlook on his world has been able to make deep impression in my mind since I’ve heard .

I recommend you ask him directly even though I’ve heard more episodes,,,,

This is his working video, watch it!!


Recently he is belong to KUMQUAT GALLERY in HongKong ,

You can see everything when you visit there.



I’ve become an Enthusiast of him and his art.

I think he is the man with outstanding talent!!!

He’ll have an exhibition of his art at  KUMQUAT GALLERY

from 08/ Oct / 2015 .




G/F, 75A Hollywood Road
Central District, Hong Kong

You should visit there and catch your attention!!!


I wrote down in English all of it

because I really would like to express about him to as many people as possible.




Thank you for reading.



KATE’s Summer Holiday : 14 /Sep / 2015 ~18 /Sep /2015

I am sorry for the inconvenience but I would appreciate your cooperation.






Written by Seiko Sato


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